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To identify common problems and needs for a ‘Technology Developing Turkey’, we aim to brainstorm together for our mutual benefit. We continue to bring innovative ideas to our ecosystem through such tools as analyses, publications, reports and shared wisdom meetings.

Summary Report on Grid-Scale Long-Term Electrochemical Energy Storage to Increase the Amount of Renewable Energy in Our Country's Energy Mix

19 September 2023

For the development of the Preliminary Projects, a process was created starting from the creation of the project idea all the way to the project investment and scaling stage, and Long-Term, Grid Scale Electrochemical Energy Storage in order to Increase the Amount of Renewable Energy in Our Country’s Energy Mix was chosen as the first/pilot topic.

Compılation of the Experiences in Türkiye from the Product Management Perspective

07 June 2023

We sincerely believe that “Compilation of Experiences in Türkiye from the Product Management Perspective”, which was created with contributions by experts, will contribute to our country’s technological innovation ecosystem and we hope that it will be helpful to everyone in Türkiye who is interested in this field or has chosen to pursue it as a career.

Sustainable Agriculture: Soil and Water

29 September 2022

It is critically important and a top priority how soil and water are used, as one of the most important resources for sustainable economic development in the agricultural and food ecosystem.

While the demand for soil and water is on the rise, the constant decrease in usable soil and water assets has made the development of the most efficient and sustainable use methods for these resources a vital necessity.

In this study, we focused on Soil and Water issues as a continuation of the STOK-Agriculture study.

How Singapore Got Back Its Old Charm in Industrial Production

24 Agust 2022

According to the World Bank, Singapore is the world’s fourth-largest exporter of high-tech products. According to the International Robotics Federation, Singapore is the leader in the number of factory robots per employee, after South Korea. Singapore owes its success to optimizing many businesses and processes. The number of employed workers has decreased uninterruptedly over the past 8 years. Since 2013, the share of the manufacturing sector in employment continues to decline.

Sustainability - From the Perspective of Responsible Investing/ESG A General Framework for Organizations

26 April 2022

We are glad to present you this study that includes our study through which we aim to promote the common benefit in terms of sustainability transformation that we can call “mega trend”, which will inevitably involve Turkey, and to support an appropriate ground for discussion in the ecosystem where the rules of competition are rewritten globally.
An entry level guideline was developed in this study in an attempt to raise awareness of the organizations about the sustainability and ESG investing, to help them prepare for the sustainability transformation and accommodate themselves to ESG principles while they access the source of financing to be needed, by addressing the sustainability from the viewpoint of "Responsible Investment/ESG".

Current Analysis of Education in the Context of Technological Innovation

03 March 2022

As a strategic issue, Current Analysis of Education in the Context of Technological Innovation was intended to bring the findings up for discussion by discussing the subjects such as comprehending the relationship between education and technology, and how to use the technology in the field of education, by also taking into account what has happened during the pandemic. The most important input for production today is the qualified human resource. There is an increasing talent shortage in the real sector in our country. In addition, the changes in the scope of digital and sustainability globally have the potential to push the education system further qualitatively and quantitatively.

TTGV Brochure

30 January 2022

TTGV's Environment, Energy and Sustainability Milestones in its 30th Anniversary

04 November 2021

With the programs we have developed, the cooperation networks where we bring the relevant parties together, and our activities for information sharing in the field of environment and sustainability since 1994, we consider the value chains holistically and contribute actively to the practical implementation of the concepts that are often included in the policy documents, together with the necessary practices, and we continue nonstop to share all outputs with our ecosystem.

This publication through which we present you the activities we carried out successfully within the scope of environment, energy, and sustainability from past to present, marks the 30th anniversary of TTGV.

Research and Innovation Outlook Turkey (RIOT) 2020

18 October 2021

In this context; we present Research and Innovation Outlook Turkey 2020 (RIOT) as TTGV Policy Level Publication which has been compiled by Middle East Technical University (METU) Science and Technology Policy Studies (TEKPOL).RIOT which is published in English aims to shed light on Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policies in Turkey after 2015 and analyze funders as well as performers in the field of R&D and innovation. We wish RIOT to be useful and insightful to anyone who is interested in the dynamics of the Turkish innovation ecosystem.

Innovation Opportunities in The Agricultural Ecosystem

08 January 2021

The Green Book that we prepared to provide an understanding of the Turkish agriculture and food innovation ecosystem, that determines common problems and needs, and that identifies opportunities/challenges at an earlier stage, is now online! In striving to identify common problems and needs in endeavors to create a ‘Technology Developing Turkey’, we aim to brainstorm together for our mutual interest. To this end, we initiated a Strategic Focus Commission – Agricultural Innovation Ecosystem (STOK-Agriculture) exploration research study. We created the green book “Innovation Opportunities in the Agricultural Ecosystem” to discuss the findings and suggestions that emerged as a result of our study of the ecosystem, and to provide our stakeholders with a quality source of data.


Human Resources Research in The Technological Innovation Ecosystem

30 November 2020

The “Human Resources Research into the Technological Innovation Ecosystem” – prepared to understand the thoughts, behaviors and expectations of those who supply and demand high quality human resources – is now online! The research was motivated by the apparent need to conduct high level expert participation studies on strategic subjects, to report, disseminate and open to discussion the results thereof, and to raise awareness within the ecosystem of the strategic areas of interest to TTGV from a Technology Developing Turkey perspective.

Financing of Advanced Technology Initiatives

30 November 2020

On the development of the financing ecosystem ...

This report, created through a collaboration of TTGV and the Turkish Capital Markets Association, is a situation analysis and a step towards the formulation of a strategy for the future. The report is based on data garnered from a survey and from the workshop conducted with the participation of 18 portfolio management organizations at the end of 2019.


Xnovate Fellows Class 1 Impact Projects

19 September 2020

Xnovate Fellows: In our Innovation Leadership Fellowship Program, Class 1 fellows completed 11 different projects in 11 different companies to create an area of “impact” in Turkish industry, and to contribute to the intellectual buildup that will in turn fuel changes in technology and innovation management. Their studies been carried out in three stages, and are now accessible. The studies, conducted with the feedback of TTGV experts, are also supported by live data obtained from the field. 

TTGV Reboot 2020

06 July 2020

The "Effects of Changes in Technology on Business Management" were assessed with the participation of speakers working in the field and other invited guests at Reboot 2019, where TTGV aims to understand and assess the current or future needs of the ecosystem in an interactive manner with stakeholders, in line with its mission. We created a chart of the significant evaluations. We wish you a pleasant review.

Technoscape Technologies of The Future 2020

01 January 2020

At Technoscape 2020, we sought answers to the following question from our technology investors: "What kind of future do our investors predict?" In our interviews, we asked the investors and organizations engaged in technological innovation about the technologies that will create an exponential impact in the future, the possible impacts from the implementation of these technologies in the future, and their suggestions and evaluations regarding the healthy development, acquisition and utilization of these technologies in Turkey.

Refresh 2019

03 December 2019

In the last quarter of each year, we discuss eye-opening models and implementations with contributions from those who have been successful in various disciplines at the Refresh event, the third outing of which – “2019 Refresh” – was held on December 13, 2018 in The Grand Wyndham Hotel with the theme “Realignment”. This book, containing the transcribed texts of the conversations throughout the event, was prepared to ensure that the valuable content of the event remains intact.

Technoscape The Technologies of The Future 2019

01 December 2018

Technological transformation has undoubtedly become the main vector affecting both our daily lives and our business community. A wide range of studies is being conducted at an international level on trends and projections, aiming to shed light on the future, and a number of these studies have already been translated into Turkish. We have concluded, however, that a study reflecting the technological assessments and thoughts of people directly involved in such processes within our own country, would also make a significant contribution. We asked ourselves the following question: “What are the predictions of our industrialists and technology leaders for the future?” This study was put together to come up with an answer to this basic question.

New Business Models In The Field of Health

01 December 2018

This study looks at the situation in Turkey and the developments that came with the emergence of new business models in the light of technological advances. We found it appropriate for the study to choose a single sub-sector as an example, since the health sector has many sub-sectors, most of which follow different paths to the market. Our focus was on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. This study is an outcome of detailed interviews held in August 2018 with entrepreneurs and experts working in the healthcare sector. 

Health Value Chain 101

01 December 2018

We are witnessing the ongoing transformation of the healthcare sector, which has been serving while undergoing only incremental changes over the years. To make sense of the transformation that is taking place, we first felt the need to understand the functioning of the healthcare sector as a value chain. This study is intended to be a concise and primary resource, shedding light on how the healthcare sector generates value with its sub-sectors (medical device, medicine and health services). 

We hope you find it beneficial.

Digital Transformation in Industry : Education

13 November 2018

The Digital Conversion Platform started work in the sector in 2016, aiming to increase productivity in production, to continuously improve the quality of the workforce, to implement smart production systems and to create the necessary policies to benefit from the opportunities offered by technology at each step of the value chain, under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and with the collaboration of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the Turkish Industry and Business Association, the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association, the International Investors Association of Turkey and the Turkey Technology Development Foundation, aimed at reinforcing and ensuring the sustainability of industry’s competitive edge.  


The Global And National Medical Equipment Sector : A Strategy Proposal

01 November 2018

With the above-mentioned particulars in mind, a study entitled the "Medical Equipment Sector at Home and Abroad, and a Strategy Proposal" puts forward a strategy that is based on sectoral concepts, the situation in the world, with example countries, the situation in Turkey and the results of analyses. In this framework, in the form of chapters; Medical Device Definition and Scope, Medical Device Sector in the World and sector-related information and evaluations regarding USA, Brazil, Italy and Japan, which stand out due to their different characteristics, are included.

Health Overview Toward 2030

01 November 2018

We are witnessing the ongoing transformation of the healthcare sector, which has been serving while undergoing only incremental changes over the years. In our ever-changing and increasingly complex world, we felt the need to understand this ongoing process within the indispensable health sector, and to shed light on the future. Another report created with the contributions of our stakeholders share our predictions regarding the transformation.

Analysis Study For Sound Internationalization Strategies In Technology Companies

01 November 2018

This report has been prepared to understand how enterprises started to expand abroad, the preparations they made, the situations they encountered upon entering new markets and the difficulties they struggled with. This report aims to inform entrepreneurs who aspire to enter the global stage about the journey that awaits them and the difficulties they may encounter. 

Refresh 2018

01 April 2018

Refresh events host discussions of eye-opening models and implementations, with narrations of successful people from various disciplines. The English word "Reframe" was selected as the theme of Refresh 2018, held at the Grand Tarabya Hotel on November 30, 2017, which means “to look from a different or new angle”. At Refresh in 2018, we hosted eye-opening applications in the fields of design, social responsibility, health, agriculture, sports, cuisine and safe cities, and heard from bold and broad-minded pioneers who make sense of data with accurate deductions in their fields, who design the data while transforming it into a product or service, and who adapt to digitization while also taking into account its social impact. 

Technology File 2: Health Technologies Patent Data Analysis

01 January 2018

A reference point is needed to measure and make sense of the level of technological development in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Patent data are considered to be the most objective and comprehensive reference source. Patents have a clarifying aspect regarding the potential of companies, regions and countries, emerging technologies, the role of universities in technological development, research areas, triggers, technical knowledge and skill distribution, and the strategies of multinational companies. The studies to be conducted for the health technologies report aim to examine the innovation potential of the country, and to guide the determination of strategic targets accordingly.

Technology File 1: Health and Digitization

01 October 2017

The healthcare sector is on the lookout for ways to benefit more from the rapid technological transformation in the world. Developments in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence bring benefits such as low costs, preventive medicine development, early diagnosis and the rapid proliferation of personalized treatment methods. Innovation has thus become a necessity for the health sector. A study by the website Klick Health found that only 17 percent of people consider the healthcare sector to be among the most innovative, whereas 40 percent think that it should be among the most innovative. The "Health and Digitization" file explains the points at which health and technology overlap. 

Learning Turkish Through Instrutional Technologies In The Digital Age

01 September 2017

 “Teaching Turkish with Instructional Technologies in the Digital Age" by Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Benzer of the Marmara University Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department is available in print with its first edition! An introduction to web 2.0 tools, as well as some practical examples of their use, are provided in the book, aiding teachers in the use of technology more effectively. There are four different programs available, allowing teachers and students to decide on which program they want to test or choose, with themes such as mind mapping and test preparation. 

Note: The copyrights of the publication belong to author Ahmet Benzer. The books can be requested by emailing [email protected], or by getting in touch via the Facebook page "Turkish Teaching with Instructional Technologies in the Digital Age". 

The Story Of Telecommunication - Dr. T. Fikret Yücel

01 December 2016

This study narrates the development of "Communication" technologies from the past to the present, from the invention of the telegraph to the smart phones and cloud technologies that constitute the current information society. The study also sheds light on the history of Turkish technologies with the establishment and development of Turkish telecommunications. 

5th Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Thesis Awards 2016: Academic Thesis Studies Applied In Industry

01 January 2016

TTGV supports academic thesis studies that have seen successful use in industry, aiming to reinforce university-industry collaborations and the commercialization of R&D activities in universities.

The book introduces and tells the stories of the projects that reached the finals in the 5th Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Thesis Awards, and that have seen successful applications.  

Story Of The Industrialization Republican Era Turkey

01 October 2015

Published by the TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers in e-book format, this book, consisting of additions to Dr. T. Fikret Yücel’s articles “The First Step of Republican Era Turkey in Industrialization: The First Five Year Development Plan (1934-1938)” (90), tackles Turkey’s industrialization story in three different periods: The Early Period Industrialization Experience, and pre- and post-1980.

The Story Of Refik Ureyen And R&D

01 January 2015

This account of the establishment and development of the R&D department of Arçelik A.Ş. by Refik Üreyen can be considered a good reference for many companies, regardless of size, despite telling the story of a large company.

In the first year after the passing of Refik Üreyen, who served on the board of TTGV (1997-2002) for many years  and as Advisor to the Secretary General and Istanbul Representative (2002–2011), we prepared a chapter entitled “An R&D Story” enriched with input from his colleagues, which was published for the first time by TMMOB in 2010 as “Engineering and Architecture Stories – IV” and believing in its ability to serve as a valuable guide to all of the stakeholders in the ecosystem. This study sheds light on Turkey's R&D adventure, and contributes to the Turkish  history of technology development.

ECOSCOPE: Clean Production For Sustianable Competitiveness

01 January 2014

In ECOSCOPE, which looks at outstanding applications in Turkey and around the world on the subjects of Sustainable Competitiveness and Green Growth, approaches and implementations with significant TTGV involvement, such as clean production and industrial symbiosis, were covered. The development processes of projects and the resulting learning outcomes were assessed in ECOSCOPE, including 14 success stories from 12 exemplary companies that completed their projects in environmental technologies and energy efficiency after benefiting from TTGV Environmental Project Support.

TTGV provided support to the value of 5.5 million dollars to 14 projects, with a total investment value of approximately 14 million dollars. In the projects, with an average payback period of 2 years, savings of 7 million m3/year of natural gas and 1.25 million kWh of electricity were achieved, and 54,500 thousand tons/year of CO2 emission and 32,000 tons/year of waste were eliminated.

21 Years Of TTGV (1991 - 2012)

01 November 2013

The 21 Years of TTGV that shaped R&D and innovation in Turkey, narrated by Dr.  T. Fikret Yücel, who served as the President of the TTGV Board of Directors for many years. This book touches upon important developments on the global and national agenda, and contributes to the Turkish history of technology development.

Effect Of Technology, R&D, R&D Support, Patents, Design And Brand On The Competitiveness Companies

01 October 2013

This study was carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy with the support of TTGV to reveal the contribution of elements such as technology, R&D, R&D supports, patents, designs and brands to the international competitive power of companies. The study seeks to determine the contribution of “tech” components to Turkey’s 2023 export target, taking exports amounts and export unit prices as indicators of a company’s international competitive power.

Project Summaries In The Industrial Symbiosis And Cleaner Production R&D Project Market

05 April 2013

In the studies carried out under the "Industrial Symbiosis Project in Iskenderun Bay" run by TTGV, and supported by the Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Company (BTC Co.), the sectors, waste and areas to be prioritized in the region were determined, and opportunities for symbiosis were assessed. A need for R&D has emerged in many identified opportunities, leading to an increase in potential cooperations between companies, and between companies and research institutions. The fact that the region is industry-intensive and the future planning of regional development in the fields of industry and energy, increase the development potential of industrial symbiosis and cleaner production. 

Biotechnology Sectoral Innovation System

01 January 2013

Biotechnology is recognized as one of the world's newest and most important research areas for the 21st century. With links to a wide array of other disciplines, ranging from basic sciences, such as physics, chemistry and mathematics, to engineering, social sciences and applications, it is also a sector in which the basic and social sciences are most intertwined. The most concise and direct definition of this intense and deeply research-focused field is Biotechnology  – the shortest term to be applied to the technological applications of biological systems, or the highly different combinations of biology and technology.

Green Entrepreneurship in Turkey

01 May 2012

In 2011, the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (RAC/CP) in Spain initiated a study into the development of a Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Green Employment Strategy (SEGEM) for the Mediterranean Region. RAC/CP considers the development of a green entrepreneurial spirit in the Mediterranean region not only a strategy for the elimination of environmental, social and economic bottlenecks, but also as a means of creating opportunities for innovation.

The study goals were to determine the current situation of green initiatives in Mediterranean countries; to compile sample implementations; and to prepare and publish reports. In a collaborative study carried out by TTGV and RAC/CP collaboration, surveys and researches were carried out to define the current state, difficulties and opportunities of green entrepreneurship related to the “formation of a sustainable lifestyle in Turkey”. The conducted studies were compiled together with examples of green entrepreneurship in a publication entitled "Green Entrepreneurship in Turkey".

U.S. University Technoparks Review Study: Observations And Recommendations For Turkey

01 January 2012

This study was written by TTGV experts following visits to Research and Development Centers in the United States, organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, the Turkish Technology Development Foundation, METU Technopark, Bilkent Cyberpark and Hacettepe Technopark. The study presents impressions from the “University Technoparks Review Study” in the three highly competitive regions of Boston, Raleigh-Durham and Austin-Texas, along with suggestions and observations for Turkey.

We believe that the "U.S. University Technoparks Review Study" will serve as a valuable guide for the steps to be taken toward ensuring the rapid growth of the innovation sector through the inclusion of technoparks.  

Venture Capital: Conclusions And Recommendations For Turkey

01 January 2012

There is a discussion of the economic gains that can be created by spreading the venture capital in Turkey within the framework of an appropriate model for all investment stages that different initiatives need by encouraging them with public support. From this perspective, the benefits of an institutional structure that is based on private and public sector partnerships, and which will contribute to the financing of ventures with potential for rapid growth, increased added value and the employment of a quality workforce are put forward, taking the Turkish economy as a basis and referencing successful models and countries.

Industry Eco Efficiency (Cleaner Production) Guide: Methods And Applications

01 November 2011

 "United Nations Joint Program to Enhance Turkey’s Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change" was launched in June 2008 to increase institutional capacity, and to formulate the necessary strategies for Turkey’s fight against climate change, under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. “Eco-efficiency (clean production)” is a rather new yet crucial field for our industry, and in this respect, one of the steps taken for the adoption of this approach in the “Eco-efficiency (Clean Production) Program” carried out by TTGV as a sub-program, is this book, which intends to serve as a guide to industrialists and relevant experts.

Clean Production

01 September 2010

In 2009, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry initiated a project entitled the “Determination of the Necessary Framework Conditions and R&D for the Proliferation of Clean Production Practices”, aiming to create the infrastructure for a roadmap to widespread clean (sustainable) production in Turkey. The project was carried out by TTGV on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and with the consultancy of Prof. Dr. Göksel N. Demirer.   The project aims to assess the current state of "cleaner (sustainable) production" in Turkey in the context of "capacity, resources, legal regulations, incentive mechanisms and studies", to compare them with international practices, and to formulate recommendations in line with the needs and conditions in Turkey. This report, published in 2010, is the Final Report containing all of the studies and evaluations made within the project, and is one of the most important outputs of the Project.

An Important Tool In University - Industry Cooperation: Technology Transfer Interfaces

01 May 2010

This publication by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey from 2010 combines the outputs of several studies of university-industry collaborations and technology transfer approaches. 

This study, examining the conceptual infrastructure of Technology Transfer Interfaces, pioneers the commercialization of academic research, and assesses some of the most outstanding and successful examples from around the world. Examining the principal technology transfer interfaces in Turkey, various findings and recommendations that are considered beneficial for our country are provided.

University - Industry Cooperation In The World And In Turkey

01 March 2010

In the book entitled “University-Industry Cooperation in Turkey and Around the World, and the University-Industry Joint Research Centers Program (USAMP) in this Context”, comprises three parts. The first part covers the historical development of university-industry cooperation, the new approaches in this respect and the basic elements of the cooperation processes, concepts and the main cooperation methods. In addition, “Technology Transfer Interfaces” are assessed from various perspectives, and a country that experienced similar challenges to Turkey in its cooperation processes – South Korea – is put under the microscope. The second part tackles the history of university-industry relations in Turkey, categorizing the mechanisms that can be considered cooperation, and puts forward various findings related to cooperation processes in Turkey, along with some suggestions. The third and last chapter contains the story of the "University-Industry Joint Research Centers Program (ÜSAMP)" that closed in 2006 as a successful implementation that can serve as an example for other modelling studies in Turkey.

Models For National Technology And Improvement Of Renovation Capacity

01 January 2009

In 2008, the Korea Development Institute (Korea Development Institute-KDI) and TTGV launched a “Knowledge Sharing Program” in which the Korean government shared Korea’s experiences in various fields with chosen priority countries. Turkey was selected as one of the priority countries for 2008 as a result of a program suggestion by TTGV, and a program entitled "Models for National Technology and Renovation Capacity Development" was set in motion. The study, prepared with the cooperation of experts from TTGV and KDI, aims to contribute to Turkey’s roadmap in this area with examples from Korea and around the world in the following subjects:

* Development Strategy and National Renovation System
* Clustering and Renewal of Industrial Infrastructure
* University-Industry Cooperation
* Technology, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centers


Translated Publications

To support the technology development ecosystem in the face of global competition, we provide a reliable and transparent intermediary platform for those who want to make an impact in the field of technological innovation beyond their own means, while also translating a variety of carefully selected foreign publications into our language. We send the leading state universities in Turkey a limited number of printed publications that we have helped prepare, with a view to bringing innovative ideas to the technology and innovation ecosystem for academic research and evaluation. A complete list of our translated publications can be found here.

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04 November 2022

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Lessons from China’s Innovators - Mark J. Greeven

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