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    We are developing

    pioneering works and applications

    in the field of climate technologies

    in Turkey.

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    We contribute to the

    enrichment of the technology

    and innovation ecosystem through

    our program activities.

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    We identify

    the challenges faced

    by the technological innovation

    ecosystem and facilitate solution-oriented activities.

Technology Development Foundation of Turkey


We seek to bring together technology and the real world in Turkey with a vision of «Technology Developing Turkey»

Driven by our vision of a “Technology Developing Turkey”, we create value as an unbiased and agile trust platform that keeps a close eye on global developments in technology and innovation; that inspires others; that puts forward a vision of continuous learning, improvement, education and implementation; and that shares its dynamic intellectual capital with others with a view to having a widespread impact on society.

The Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) was established in 1991 as the executive of the first national R&D support program to prepare Turkey for the international competition that the private sector will face due to its membership in the EU Customs Union and the World Trade Organization, with technology development and innovation activities. Bringing together the private, non-governmental, and public stakeholders of this mission, TTGV has the status of the first and only foundation established by law, operating in the field of improving the international competitiveness of the industry through technology production in Turkey. Since its founding, TTGV has been pioneering and leading in “Technology Developing Turkey” by developing and applying different models and sharing what it has learned.

In a world where international trade rules rapidly adapt to climate issues, the Turkish industry faces a comprehensive paradigm of competitiveness, threat, and opportunity. TTGV leads the way for the development of the climate technology sector in Turkey by implementing first-of-its-kind climate technology projects and triggering market formation.


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