For 31 years, we have been working with the mission of Technology Developing Türkiye to develop the technology infrastructure for the international competitiveness of the Turkish industry. Today, with the same task, we focused on our climate pioneering efforts for competitiveness in the field of Climate Technologies, in line with global priorities. In a world where international trade rules rapidly adapt to climate issues, the Turkish industry faces a comprehensive competitiveness threat and opportunity paradigm. To this end, TTGV will work as a pioneer in developing climate technologies in Turkey in 2023 by realizing first-of-its-kind climate technology projects and triggering market formation.

With an expected worldwide investment of USD 5 trillion per annum to the industry, climate technologies will be the most significant paradigm shift of the next 20 years. Through developing innovative technology-oriented projects and programs that will pave the way for our industry in this field, we aim to contribute in the most positive manner to the maximization of the benefits with regards to this shift in paradigms. We believe that the creation of demand in our country with concrete applications in climate technologies, the development of the market, and the growth of suppliers capable of integrating into global chains will contribute to Turkey’s value-added technology exports, as well as increase its resilience against economic and geopolitical risks.

In Climate Technologies, we aimed to implement pioneering projects that will be implemented for the first time in Turkey, especially in the fields of energy, transportation, industrial production, agriculture, and building/materials in the next five years.

Climate Pioneer Investment Program

To increase the capacity in our country in the field of Climate Technologies, which is rapidly developing in line with the environmental problems triggered by climate change, the global priorities brought by them, and legal and commercial requirements (such as the Paris Deal, green agreement, carbon application at the border), and by opening the way for new technologies.

We aim to contribute to sector development, production, and formation of supply chains.s

Climate Lab Community Program

The Climate Lab Community Program is a community program designed as an experimental laboratory with a focus on climate technologies to carry out stakeholder and community management in the Climate Lab with the aim of collective knowledge production, knowledge sharing, and value-oriented collaborations with a focus on climate technologies; In this way, we aim to contribute to TTGV’s climate pioneer vision and related programs. We will discuss high-impact technologies and potential project issues unique in Turkey in the field of climate technologies together with technology experts at the Climate Lab.

Through the updated and readily available Climate Radar, we follow the developments with regards to potential and future technological needs that will constitute the Climate Technologies Radar which will consists of 100 varying climate technologies.

Hit Entrepreneurship Program

Hit Program works with TTGV specific venture development methodology in order to;

•Speed up the first customer/first sales processes
•provide a more accurate assessment of commercialization potential
•facilitate access to early stage investment opportunities

For the technology based early stage climate technologies start-ups. 


Eco-Production Industry Program

To contribute to the sustainable transformation of the industry and the protection of its competitiveness by identifying and developing new project opportunities within the scope of the clean production thesis within the scope of climate focus.

Delivering a structural impact that will create a comprehensive project value chain for financial institutions that will permanently support the shift to cleaner production in the industry.