We aim to secure a facilitating, implementing, inspiring and consultative position in the fields of

technology and innovation by developing models and programs that meet the needs of our corporate agenda.

Program Activities

TTGV manages its interaction with external stakeholders through standard interfaces along four main stakeholder axes. Each axis implies organizational capacity and intellectual capital development goals for TTGV. A set of TTGV programs manage the organizational capacity. The programs operate with their own sub-brands. Different thematic interfaces let TTGV to reach out target communities for communication, interaction and participation.

As an active nested extension of the ecosystem, TTGV designs and develops novel models through a robust platform it maintains. Different in house programs maintain the relevance of the platform with direct collaboration of all stakeholders. TTGV aims to address various asymmetries of ideas, capabilities, and resources within the ecosystem. In the eventuality, TTGV’s primary objective is to seed new sustainable extensions into the ecosystem to enrichen it with its strong demonstration effect in the ecosystem. Current portfolio of TTGV programs focus on development and demonstration of novel models to stimulate different aspects of a functional technology development ecosystem, developed and executed with TTGV's 30-year program development and execution competence.

Ideaport Program

Ideaport is a TTGV program that brings together technology professionals with different specialties around current technology agendas, to increase awareness and the adaptation of the private sector to emerging technologies. Ideaport develops new community building and engagement tools to facilitate structured ideation within its community.

The program deploys novel methodologies to stimulate conversation among the stakeholders and provides ideal environments to qualified human resources with intellectual knowledge to share fresh ideas and valuable experiences in between. Ideaport program progresses with a community structure that learns and produces together.

The Ideaport Community examines the determined technology agenda every year under various subheadings in the axes of “Sustainability”, “Productivity & Performance” and “Digitalization”. Ideaport workshops and working groups facilitate discussions on the current development of emerging technologies in Turkey and the possible opportunities for the future. In Ideaport Connect Webinar and Panel series, the latest developments in Ideaport technology agenda are covered with different examples from Turkey and the world.

To increase the awareness on the latest technology developments in Turkey, valuable information synthesized in the community is furtherly enriched and shared with the technology & innovation ecosystem of Turkey as easy to understand and high-quality contents such as Technology Reports, Sectoral Analyses, Infographics and Doodles. Ideaport is TTGV’s listening post and its synthesis engine on technology trends and new ideas as well as its outpost to communicate the outcomes to the ecosystem in various structured formats.

The main agenda of Ideaport “The Future of Manufacturing”; continues as "New Materials & Emerging Technologies in the Future of Production" in 2021. In addition to the "Discovery of New Materials" title, which was examined in detail in 2020, the effects of new technologies on the ‘Future of Production’ in 2021 and the new areas it will open are discussed in a much more comprehensive way. You can get detailed information on Ideaport website.


Burak Baykal
Kaan Atalay

Xnovate Program

Xnovate is an innovation focused program of Technology Development Foundation of Turkey which has been established to disseminate good practices on innovation and to empower innovation professionals. The program engages communities of practice for technology and innovation management professionals.

It focuses on stakeholder collaboration through various community models around honest sharing of best practices, professional challenges, and ideas from within different organizations. The program facilitates dissemination of new and advanced management techniques and tools, including those developed in the program with active community participation.

In the field of technology and innovation, the Xnovate Program provides individuals with new, unexplored methods and process designs, along with tools that can catalyze the development and dissemination of organizational methods and practices that can shed light on revolutionary changes in industrial innovation. At the center of the program are innovation-oriented communities of practice.

The Xnovate program operates on two main branches. The first seeks to expand the network of communities of practice, as the pioneers of change, and to increase inter-community interaction, providing the necessary platforms and settings for “learning, working and producing together”; and the second develops innovative ideas, methods and methodologies together with volunteers in the communities. The program also includes a fellowship program to develop and support emerging technology and innovation professionals. Xnovate is TTGV’s window into emerging technology and innovation management talent, new tools, organizational and team dynamics.

The Xnovate program has 4 platforms: Two community structures (Xnovate Circle, Xnovate Fellows) and two sharing platforms (Xnovate LAB, Xnovate Havadis), ensuring that innovation issues can be handled in an efficient and interactive manner. You can find detailed information about the program on the website


Buse Hıdıroğlu
Sevtap Gökçe

HIT Program

HİT is a venture development program in selected vertical technology markets. The program supports new ventures to secure their first market/customer. The program started with a health sector focus and will soon extend to other priority verticals, including edtech, agritech and cleantech. With direct participation of industry professionals, mentors and consultants, the program implements a TTGV proprietary venture development methodology.

The program operates various feeder activities on idea, business plan, and market strategy development. Hit program is a translational development/investment model where TTGV develops early access to promising new ventures for its investment programs.

Program Acceptance Criteria:

●       The uniqueness of the product/technology, in-depth know-how, competitive features

●       The market need and demand for the product, the current and potential market size, and market trends

●       The profile and coachability of the team

●       The tangibility of the venture needs that can be improved within the program (check-up),

●       The applicability of the development metrics with the capacity and competencies of TTGV (Recipe)

●       The manageability of the identified risks with the right investors (investment).

You can find detailed information on the HİT program website.


Evren Bükülmez
Işgın Vural
Gülce Şahin

Ideanest Program

TTGV is a mission driven organization, which regards technology as an essential resource to address real problems shared by the many. While TTGV’s main activities target benefit of the technology development community, TTGV emphasizes its ‘impact’ approach through a fourth program axis of ‘technology and society programs’. Under this axis, TTGV explores new models to support "Tomorrow’s Inclusive Society" by stimulating technology for societal challenges.


Ideanest ( is TTGV’s first ‘technology and society’ program. Ideanest is a donation-based crowdfunding platform to address the early funding needs of high-impact technology based ideas through the proof of concept demonstration phase.

With strong TTGV brand around program management and transparent accountability, the program matches willing donors with technology focused on high impact projects. It does not only brings owners with willing donors and sponsors, but with skilled talent as well to realize the projects. The platform lets project owners keep full ownership of the IP and it intends to provide positive visibility among potential investors.

So far, the Ideanest platform succeeded in supporting nine impact projects around the following themes:

  • Technology-based very early stage strong impact product ideas,
  • Impact and technology-oriented ecosystem development activities,
  • Academic science and technology research projects.

You can find detailed information on Ideanest Program website.


Nagihan Özgür

PactPort Program

Pactport is a program in which TTGV has implemented its “Technology for Society” perspective. It brings together different stakeholders who are responsive to solve complex problems which threaten our society. Program strives to facilitate the development of capacity for widespread impact through technology and the implementation of scalable concrete solutions.

When program aims to facilitate new perspectives, applications and solutions by bringing together different stakeholders who are motivated to create positive sustainable impact, at the same time it targets to draw attention to transformative and accelerating role of technology in solving complex problems that our societies share as grand challenges.

Pactport brings examples of best practices from around the world to the attention of the Turkish philanthropic ecosystem and targets to be an aggregator for developing innovative models and structures in the areas such as resource allocation, solutions, and impact measurement.


Nagihan Özgür

Make Tomorrow Program

Make Tomorrow for Turkey is a digital transformation education program for our students – as the future workforce and the future of Turkey – and the teachers who educate those who will create a “Technology Developing Turkey”.

The program aims to provide equal opportunities among targeted groups of teachers and students while supporting skills development, and facilitates the adaptation to digital transformation.

The program offers online lessons in such areas electronics, programming, design and project management, and face-to-face 'Design Thinking’ Courses to come up with creative solutions to social issues using technology, through Arduino, Raspberry Pi and sensor kits which are offered free of charge. Typical projects involve prototyping ideas through various design oriented methodologies and fast implementation tool kits.

The program, with the heading 'Make Tomorrow for Turkey', has been selected as one of Europe's leading innovative teaching practices in Scientix's 'STEM Education Practices' December 2018 report. The program so far, reached more than 1400 teachers, 10000 students in 25 different cities of Turkey.

Sponsors for the projects include individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

You can find detailed information on program website.



Explore Investment Program

The Explore Investment Program is an equity investment program that focuses on accelerating the entry into international markets of companies with technological products in a prioritized area, and a corresponding sales track record. 

The Explore Program is run by Teknoloji Yatırım, on behalf of TTGV, based on a model that aims to satisfy the strategic guidance and financing needs related to internationalization processes together.

For detailed information about the program:

TTGV Co-Investment Program

TTGV runs an early-stage co-investment program to encourage professional investments in startups in the graduate portfolio of its thematic development programs, and participates in early-stage investments that meet the program criteria.

The TTGV Co-Investment Program is still operated by Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. under the TTGV1 Fund brand. If you have any questions about the program, contact us at [email protected] e-mail address.