We aim to secure a facilitating, implementing, inspiring and consultative position in the fields of

technology and innovation by developing models and programs that meet the needs of our corporate agenda.

HIT Program

HİT is a venture development program in selected vertical technology markets. The program supports new ventures to secure their first market/customer. The program started with a health sector focus and will soon extend to other priority verticals, including edtech, agritech and cleantech. With direct participation of industry professionals, mentors and consultants, the program implements a TTGV proprietary venture development methodology.

The program operates various feeder activities on idea, business plan, and market strategy development. Hit program is a translational development/investment model where TTGV develops early access to promising new ventures for its investment programs.

Program Acceptance Criteria:

●       The uniqueness of the product/technology, in-depth know-how, competitive features

●       The market need and demand for the product, the current and potential market size, and market trends

●       The profile and coachability of the team

●       The tangibility of the venture needs that can be improved within the program (check-up),

●       The applicability of the development metrics with the capacity and competencies of TTGV (Recipe)

●       The manageability of the identified risks with the right investors (investment).

You can find detailed information on the HİT program website.


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Explore Investment Program

The Explore Investment Program is an equity investment program that focuses on accelerating the entry into international markets of companies with technological products in a prioritized area, and a corresponding sales track record. 

The Explore Program is run by Teknoloji Yatırım, on behalf of TTGV, based on a model that aims to satisfy the strategic guidance and financing needs related to internationalization processes together.

For detailed information about the program: