Previous Term Programs


With its modular and sub-platforms designed to support each other Xnovate is a TTGV program that was designed and implemented in 2018 in line with the following purposes;

• Mainstreaming best practices in innovation and technology management areas and creating a culture in innovation/technology management area,

• Determining the problems of private sector in technology and innovation and developing solutions that can be implemented by organizations, 

• Training creative, bold and well-qualified innovation leaders to design and execute effective and productive innovation processes,

• Bringing together people working in or interested in technology and innovation, and providing environments where these people can learn from each other and develop common solutions to their problems.

This program continued the activities of Xnovate Circle and Xnovate Fellows to develop an innovation network, and Xnovate Lab and Xnovate Havadis to perform capacity-building activities.


Ideaport is the TTGV program designed for creating awareness in technologies developed in technology and innovation ecosystem and to accelerate the adaptation of the private sector to developing technologies.

Ideaport configures a technology-oriented community of technology professionals having field experience and intellectual knowledge. Program progresses around the community. This program comes together around technology agendas of community, develops unique work formats where they can create value together and share experiences and new opinions and increase interaction in the community. It enriches the value produced in the community with Ideaport-specific formats and produces interesting content and presents it to the technology and innovation ecosystem.


Young TTGV, a community program for university students, is a community program designed in 2020 by the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), which also aims to develop NGOs for young people and consists of innovative young people for Turkey producing technology. The activities of this program, designed to support and encourage future professionals in the technology and innovation fields, and to convey the importance of civil society, were suspended in 2022.  


Pactport is a program that TTGV put into practice the "Technology for Society" perspective, bringing together different stakeholders as solution-oriented communities who are sensitive to the solution of complex problems that threaten society. It is a TTGV program that aims to facilitate the development of capacity for widespread impact via technology and the implementation of scalable concrete solutions. 


TTGV organized Strategic Focus Working Commissions to determine the common problems of stakeholders in the technological innovation ecosystem and to create a solution together. With the commissions, especially on the international competitiveness of the private sector, it is aimed to evaluate the analytical data on problems that will have a long-term impact on the technology development and production capacity of the private sector,and present the results to the ecosystem and discuss them, and develop concrete strategy offers. STOCK studies have been performed around human resorces, agriculture and responsible investing agendas and the result of these studies have been published as a report.

You may find the printouts of the studies performed in the scope of Strategic Focus Working Commissions on our publications page.


As TTGV, we performed various studies in cooperation with The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) for a while in the area of Product Management and New Product Development, as in some other fields required by our country's Technological Innovation Ecosystem. In cooperation with TTGV-PDMA, the Product Management Turkey Platform that has been working for a long time in order to increase the product management and new product development capacity of our technological innovation ecosystem, was founded on May 10, 2021 and its activities were terminated as of December 2022.


Ideanest is a platform that aims to develop resources for technology-based projects that have value where technology intersects with social benefit and experience difficulty in getting finance. The donation-based crowdfunding way Ideanest was designed as a TTGV interface and in the scope of this program, 9 projects were supported by ideanest interface and its donators between 2018 and 2020.


The first pilot application carried out by TTGV in cooperation with Intel Turkey in 2017, with the aim of equipping our students, who are the future workforce and the future of our country, with the competencies of the future, was performed with students in 4 cities (Istanbul, Kocaeli, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep) and the Build Tomorrow program is the 2nd most successful application in 12 different countries around the world. Following this success, the program, in which Intel Turkey turned its entire application over to TTGV, is one of our widespread impact-focused programs that continued periodically with different institutions such as Rotary and IBM Turkey until the end of 2020. Between 2019-2020, with the project, which was continued under the name of project of those who design their dreams with the cooperation of Sabancı Foundation, common activities were performed to train students who can benefit from the outputs of the digital transformation process in education and use these skills in education and business life. More than 1,000 teachers and more than 9,000 high school students directly benefited from the program for 4 years in more than 20 cities, more than 300 public schools. MEB approved TTGV Build Tomorrow Program has been chosen as one of the innovative education practices of Europe under the name of 'Make Tomorrow for Turkey' in Scientix's 'STEM Education Practices' December 2018 report. You may find the project studies and introductions on TTGV’s YouTube channel.