We search for good examples and seek to highlight and encourage success stories.

Outreach Activities

Under the outreach activities header, you can find all TTGV’s future-oriented endeavors aimed at discovering, encouraging and shedding light on works, activities, good examples and stories that may be of benefit to the technology and innovation ecosystem.

TTGV Awards

We launched the TTGV Awards to contribute to the technological development of Turkey, and to drive success in the fields of technology, innovation and R&D. Awards are handed to winners in two categories every year.

The 2020 winners in the Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Award and Refik Üreyen Award categories were determined in December 2020.

Dr. Akın Çakmakcı Award: This award recognizes theses that are applied by industries, with awards given to the thesis authors, advisors and the firms applying the thesis. The aim is to reinforce university-industry cooperation and to encourage the commercialization of R&D activities within universities.

Refik Üreyen Award: This award is given to those who have played a pioneering role in R&D, innovation management and culture creation processes, that have played an active role in their changes, that have made concrete contributions and that have emerged as success stories. 

You can find the winners of the 2020 TTGV Awards here.

Access more information about the TTGV Awards here.


Yücel Telçeken