We strived to spread awareness about the importance of research and technological development with successful examples.

Following our establishment, based on public-private sector cooperation, we became the coordinator of the first private sector-oriented R&D support program to be implemented in Turkey. Our Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances Project was recognized as one of the nine most successful projects worldwide by the United Nations.

To reward the best dissertations to be applied in industry, we launched the “Dr. Akın Çakmakçı Thesis and Dissertation Awards”, in the name of Dr. Akın Çakmakçı, who was a pioneer in university-industry cooperation and was the Secretary General of TTGV between 1996 and 2001.

TTGV Awards


2001–2011 / Second Decade at TTGV

We focused on developing new models aimed at scaling private sector R&D investments.

We pioneered the foundation of the earliest and most successful technoparks in Turkey. To support our main office in Ankara, we opened our first representation office in ITU Arı Technopolis.

We created our subsidiary company Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. to invest in early-stage and growth-stage technology companies,  

We provided financial support to archetypal projects in areas such as environmental technologies and energy efficiency through our Environmental Project Support. We joined the Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi), the first fund of funds in Turkey, as investors.

We started providing financial support to advanced technology projects in the private sector in areas that we deemed important for Turkey.

Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş.


2011–2021 / Last Decade at TTGV

Drawing upon the experience we have gained over the first 20 years, we have been developing and applying models that enrich the ecosystem.

We continued implementing exemplary environmental practices in areas where they were lacking, as we have been doing since our 20th anniversary. The UNIDO Eco-efficiency Program we have been conducting related to the adaptation of industry to climate change was selected as one of the best practices at the Rio+20 Summit.

We created the Ideaport Program – the first technology think-tank of Turkey – followed by, in chronological order, Ideanest, a crowdfunding platform; HİT, a thematic enterprise development program; and Xnovate, focused on creating communities of good practice in innovation and disseminating those good practices.

We launched the “Make Tomorrow” program in 2018 to prepare young people for a “Technology Developing Turkey” future, followed by Young TTGV in 2020.