Technology Development Foundation of Turkey Said “CLIMATE” for International Competition!

22 November 2022

The activities of our foundation on "Climate Technologies", which is the focus of 2023, arouse repercussions in the press.

You can find the details of our press release on our aim to implement five pioneering projects in the field of climate technologies in the next five years:


TTGV Chairman of the Board of Directors Değerhan Usluel made the following assessment regarding the vision of "Technology Developing Turkey" of TTGV, which carries out pioneering projects in the field of advanced technology with its resources, and the climate-focused new term studies:

“Our founding mission is to lead the way in developing the global competitiveness of the industry in Turkey with pioneering programs and repeatable examples. Climate technologies predicted to invest 5 trillion USD annually are the world's most important paradigm shift of the next 20 years. We aim to contribute to benefit from this paradigm shift in the most positive way by developing technology-oriented innovative projects and programs that will pave the way for our industry, especially in the fields of energy transformation, transportation, industrial production, agriculture, construction, and materials.”


Expressing that the work of TTGV will create a multiplier effect for other projects and programs in the field, TTGV Secretary General Dr. A. Mete Cakmakcı also said,

“World climate technologies investments in 2021 increased by 210 percent compared to the previous year. In our country, first of all, it is necessary to create demand with concrete applications in climate technologies, to develop the market, and to grow suppliers with the competence to be integrated into global chains. Climate technologies will not only contribute to Turkey's value-added technology exports but will also increase its resilience against economic and geopolitical risks."