We Held Product Management Turkey - Summer Meetings in Istanbul and Ankara

30 June 2022

The first of the Summer Meetings organized by the Product Management Turkey community was held in Istanbul on 25 June. In the event that took place with the participation of 40 community members, our TTGV Ecosystem Programs Coordinator Dr. E. Serdar Gökpınar, as well as our community members Prof. Dr. Serdar S. Durmuşoğlu and Hasan Acül contributed with their presentations on their own experiences.
The second of the Summer Meetings took place on 30 June in Ankara. While our Ecosystem Programs Coordinator Dr. E. Serdar Gökpınar made a presentation on the current status of the community and the NPDP (New Product Development Professional) certificate, Emre Alıç, the President of our community member Corporate Governance Association, made a presentation on Agile Product Development.