Pilot Implementation of Our Eco-Production Climate-Friendly Competitiveness Program Started

02 June 2022

It is of great importance for our country’s industry to use environmentally friendly production resources and energy efficiently, to turn to clean and renewable energy sources, and to switch to clean technologies in order to adapt to the increasingly difficult competitive conditions. In addition, global priorities as to sustainability and climate change and the legal and commercial regulations introduced by them (such as the EU Green Deal) bring significant additional costs to the industry, especially to export companies. There are urgent steps to be taken by our industrialists in order to not lose their competitive edge in trade and their power in the international arena.

To this end, we organized the “ECO Production Information Meeting” in cooperation with Manisa OIZ Innovation Center in order to increase the awareness of Manisa OIZ companies. At the meeting, informative presentations were made by experts on the subjects of “Resource Efficiency with a Focus on Climate Change and the EU Green Deal”. Furthermore, we introduced the Eco-Production Climate-Friendly Competitiveness Program, which was developed by our Foundation with the aim of providing a comprehensive support approach from analysis of the current standing and needs of companies in eco-production to project design and financing. 

We received company applications for participation in the Eco-Production Climate-Friendly Competitiveness Program, which we will pilot. Having completed the preliminary analysis, we have started the first applications with Manisa OIZ, İzmir Atatürk OIZ and Ankara Chamber of Industry 1st Organized Industrial Zone.