We Conducted Scenario-Based Workshops at Ideaport Industry Meetings

25 May 2022

Ideaport is a TTGV program, where technology professionals with different expertise come together around current technology agendas and which is designed to increase the adaptation of the private sector to the developing technologies.
After the technology seminars we held in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone under the umbrella of "Ideaport Industry Meetings" for the first time in March 2022, on the 24th and 25th of May, we were again in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone with the scenario-based workshops, which is the second part of the study. 

We had the opportunity to meet and work together with valuable technology professionals, who create added value for our country. Mixed teams consisting of our Community Members, Yıldızlar and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone Company Representatives worked on different production scenarios selected among industrial production scenarios related to automation technologies and metal forming technologies. This year, Ideaport Industry Meetings shall continue to be held in different Industrial Zones of our country within the framework of a unique activity format.
Click on this link to watch the YouTube videos, where fun moments from the meeting are presented!