Xnovate Fellows: Innovation Leadership Fellowship Program 3rd Term - Module 1 is Completed!

15 May 2022

 Xnovate Fellows: Innovation Leadership Fellowship Program is a program that is designed by us in order to train innovation leaders, who are going to make a difference in the field of technology and innovation for the purpose of designing and managing more effective and efficient innovation processes.
The program, where 12 different people from various sectors and companies are hosted each year, is being held for the 3rd time this year. On the 13th - 14th and 15th of May, we were together with the Fellow candidates for Xnovate Fellows 3rd Term - Module 1 on "Basics: Being a Human". We conducted training programs that allow the Fellow candidates to get to know and express themselves in all aspects, and that prioritize the ability of Xnovate Fellows to act collectively and think out of the ordinary. At the same time, we supported them to tell their own stories effectively and creatively by benefitting from their body awareness.