“The Report on Data Philanthropy's Impact on Sustainable Agriculture Solutions" is Available!

11 May 2022

Pactport is a program that brings together responsive and diverse stakeholders as solution-oriented communities in the field of solutions to complex problems threatening the society, where "Technology for the Society" is adopted and implemented by TTGV. 
With the claim and belief that complex problems that have become the common problem of the entire world can be solved through technology; we bring together the parties with the motivation to create an impact under the umbrella of the Pactport program. In this regard, we bring technology-based actions to the agenda under the motto of “Technology for Widespread Impact” and bring them to the attention of the ecosystem.
Within the scope of the Pactport program, where we form study groups and try to create innovative models and structures, our study group studying “Data Philanthropy's Impact on Sustainable Agriculture Solutions” completed its studies.
By clicking this link, you can review the Turkish Report summarizing the studies of the group, which focused on the impacts of data collection, processing, and sharing on the sustainability of agricultural solutions.
For further questions about the Pactport program and its activities, you can contact us through this link: [email protected]