Pactport’s first “Effective Encounters” Took Place!

17 March 2022

As part of our Pactport program, we held the first of our new event, ‘Effective Encounters’, on March 17, where we bring together our stakeholders with the motivation to create a widespread impact.
Widespread Impact Ambassadors operating in the field of Sustainable Food asked technology and innovation professionals about how we can use our technology knowledge in the field of food sustainability for ecological production, tracking carbon and water footprints, and preventing waste.
In this meeting held with the principles of Open Space Technology, Widespread Impact Ambassadors, calling for shared reasoning for complex problem questions, joined forces with experts from various fields such as software technologies, information technologies, finance, and strategy.
In Effective Encounters, you too can become a widespread impact ambassador by coming up with your complex problem question, or as a participant, you can reason together to solve problems! Wait to hear from us for the next encounter!