Genç TTGV Met with TTGV Alumni Aylin Başak Ata!

21 January 2022

As the TTGV family, we care about the experiences of the employees of our foundation and we aim to convey these experiences to Genç TTGV members. The first of our event series
“TTGV Alumni and Genç TTGV Meet” was organized as a hybrid production at Kıvılcım Studio and through Zoom connection with Aylin Başak Ata, a valuable member of our family who worked for TTGV for a long time and continued her career successfully after TTGV. We had a pleasant conversation with Aylin Başak Ata, who currently works as the Finance Coordinator at the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (SGDD - ASAM), about her studies and experiences from her education life to work experience.