We Completed Genç TTGV Second Training Camp

10 December 2021

We completed the second three-day training camp of Genç TTGV, our community program consisting of innovative young people for a technology-producing Turkey, in Bolu with 24 Genç TTGV Candidates and 10 guests. In the winter camp, which we designed to include theoretical, practical, and real experiences, we opened a more interactive learning space for young people, with the speeches of experts and academicians from many different fields such as art, sustainable economy, climate crisis, and sociology of science, as well as games accompanied by facilitators. You can also take a look at our donation interface to learn about the Genç TTGV program and to support our activities within the scope of the program.
The young people who successfully completed the compulsory year of the Genç TTGV program received their certificates at the closing of the TTGV Day event.