Ideaport 2021 Summary is Online!

29 December 2021

As the Ideaport Program, under the agenda of “New Materials and Developing Technologies in the Future of Production” throughout 2021, we addressed the following topics with our own specific methods:
• Factors triggering a change in industrial production,
• Development of new materials and technologies, and
• Changes that original material types and developing technologies will create in industrial production in the future.
With TTGV Technology Radar, Reports, Webinars, Panels, Infographics, Tech Sight article series, Doodles, and other outputs, we cared to share our focus topics with you in a more understandable, memorable, and interesting way.
We prepared a map that includes the activities we carried out during the year and the numbers related to these activities. Click here to take a look at the Ideaport 2021 summary!