Podcast Series “What TTGV Reads” Continues!

26 Agust 2021

In the second broadcast of our podcast series “What TTGV Reads”, we discussed ‘Innovator’s Dilemma’ from Harvard Professor Clayton M. Christensen with Sevtap Gökçe, who works as an assistant specialist in the Xnovate Program, and in the third broadcast, we talked about ‘From Animals into Gods: Sapiens’ from Yuval Noah Harari, in which he tells the story of the entire mankind, and ‘Where Have All the Intellectuals Gone?’ from Frank Furedi with our Ecosystem Development Coordinator Dr. E. Serdar Gökpınar.
Click here to listen to this series on TTGV’s Spotify channel, where we talk about the books that we aim to contribute to the technology and innovation ecosystem and that we also benefit from in our studies!