We work to develop relationships with current and potential stakeholders within the technological innovation ecosystem and to embody the generated values. Strategy and insight activities product development and management activities business development activities.


Ecosystem Development Activities

Established in 2019 to develop proactive collaborations, the Ecosystem Development Coordination Office continues its activities to develop cooperation & relationships with the relevant stakeholders and potential stakeholders in the technological innovation ecosystem and to concretize the values created. It continues to support activities that will intellectually enrich the ecosystem, expand TTGV's sphere of influence, identify solutions to the common problems of stakeholders, and contribute to the ecosystem by generating information in line with emerging needs. To this end, three main activities are carried out within the Coordination Office.


Dr. E. Serdar Gökpınar
Hande Aydoğan
F. Yağmur Fırat
Esra Kaya

Strategy and Insight Activities

Other areas of operation of the Ecosystem Development Coordination Office include Strategy and Insight Activities; the continued identification of new opportunities and activity areas for TTGV through high-level participation studies in the strategic areas that fall under its mission, and the reporting, dissemination and opening to discussion the results thereof; and raising awareness within the ecosystem.  The Strategic Focus Commissions (STOK) under this activity resulted in the first stage outputs of the studies, being “The problems of supply and demand in the field of qualified human resources in the technological innovation ecosystem” (STOK-HR) and the “Analysis and mapping of the agricultural innovation ecosystem”  (STOK-Agriculture) being shared with the ecosystem. STOK activities are continuing in 2021. In addition, it is engaged in a projection study entitled Technoscape, which sheds light on future technologies and aims to provide a brief overview of the anticipations of miscellaneous shareholders in our technological innovation ecosystem. In this study, which has been initiated with great contributions to our technological innovation ecosystem in mind, the viewpoints and assessments of stakeholders involved directly in Turkey have been making their way into the ecosystem for two years.

Product Development And Management Activities

In addition to this, TTGV is continuing its strategic partnership negotiations with the PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) with a view to identifying new business areas and bringing the competencies needed in product development and product management to our sector.

Business Development Activities

Business Development Activities include the works carried out to understand the needs and possibilities of the ecosystem, and to assess project opportunities when necessary. In coordination with other Coordination Offices and departments within TTGV, and with the commercial section, organized through Business Management, it conducts studies on the following to embody the revealed values:

  •  Keeping up with the needs and potentials of the technological innovation ecosystem,
  •  Conducting TTGV's strategic market development activities,
  •  Assessing specific project opportunities that arise in subjects within TTGV's areas of competence, especially in public and international programs,
  •  Establishing collaborations with potential stakeholders,
  •  Supporting TTGV's strategic business development and project management activities.

Consulting & Projects Office

For over 20 years TTGV has been prioritizing sustainability and competitiveness, supporting technological innovation activities in Turkey and participating in special consulting projects related to technology, innovation, digitalization and the environment. Today, TTGV is fully integrated into the global technology and innovation network through strategic partnerships and memberships, and has become part of a the broader network with which it has been coordinating to ensure maximum efficiency in projects, one that has reached local and international levels in the process. With 30 years of experience and intellectual capital, TTGV has valuable knowledge at both global and local levels, and can bring together communities within the sector in a disciplined way. Consequently, project services are provided in line with the needs of the different stakeholders within the technological innovation ecosystem, operating with the corporate knowledge and capacity of TTGV and in cooperation with TTGV's coordinators, in accordance with invitation or tender procedures.