In the activities that relay on donations, our fundamental goals are to not stray from TTGV’s mission and goals

, and to develop product co-governance models that can respond to the expectations and needs of donor institutions and organizations, especially in relation to visibility.

About Donations And Sponsorship

In the TTGV Articles of Foundation defining its abilities and activities, it is stated that TTGV may accept donations to support its predefined activities.

Income Tax Law No. 193 allows entities that are considered taxpayers based on their commercial activities to donate up to 5 percent of their annual income to public benefit foundations, which are exempt from tax, and to deduct such donations from their tax assessments. For those who make donations from their private wealth, no upper limit is applied. Pursuant to Article 89 of Income Tax Law No. 193, donations of up to 5 percent of the annual income of individuals, and pursuant to Article 10 of the Corporate Tax Law, donations of up to 5 percent of annual income of corporations can be deducted.

Regarding the activities to be carried out on the basis of donations received, our main objectives are to observe TTGV’s mission and objectives, to develop product governance models that satisfy the expectations and requirements of the donor institutions and organizations, particularly in relation to visibility, and to provide advanced financial models and products that donors are unable to finance on their own.

Through the crowdfunding platform, the design and development works of which were initiated in 2015, it will be possible to provide support for research activities conducted in the common interest of society, to a limited extent. The platform has been designed as part of an model integrated with Kıvılcım, ideaport and technology commercialization activities, with the objective being to position TTGV close to the ideas, markets and financial opportunities that play a key role in the development and implementation of high value added and creative services in the value chain.


Turkish Philanthropy Funds (Turkish Philanthropy Funds) headquartered in the United States (USA) This is a non-profit philanthropic fund based in New York. Aiming to trigger charitable donations in Turkey in view of the effect of charity and philanthropy on Gender Equality, Socioeconomic Development, Education and Disaster Relief, the TPF has been pursuing its activities in these four main areas since 2007. Forging bonds between donors and their partners through a professional and reliable network management system, the TPF had, as of mid-2015, provided support to 90 projects executed by non-governmental organizations in Turkey, managing 22 philanthropist funds worth US$17,955,000.

TTGV was admitted as a partner to the TPF in 2016, and became the first technology-oriented non-governmental organization to be affiliated with these funds.


Make Tomorrow is a digital transformation education program that supports our students, the future workforce and the future of Turkey, and our teachers who are educating those who will create a “Technology Producing Turkey”. The program aims to provide equal opportunities while supporting skills development, and facilitates the adaptation to digital transformation with focus on future professions.

For ideas that generate value in areas where technology overlaps with social benefits, but that have a hard time finding financing: Ideanest is a TTGV program that seeks to raise funds through donation-based crowdfunding for technology-based early-stage product/service ideas, for activities that will support the development of the technology and innovation ecosystem, and for academic research projects on scientific subjects.