Our Business Model

Business Model

From the beginning, the business model of TTGV was designed on the basis of financial sustainability and efficiency. The basis of our business model relies on hearing and interpreting the ecosystem, and providing solutions along with the stakeholders of the ecosystem. Within the scope of our business model, which is capable of accommodating to the rapidly changing technology and innovation environment and which can respond to the requirements of the ecosystem, we aim to;

  • Build partnerships which will generate surplus value in line with our corporate objectives and strategies,
  • Creating opportunities through which new financial resources can be utilized,
  • Create thriving references and
  • Develop opportunities in compliance with strategies that allow to employ current business/network information and specializations, and to create new ones.

The Values that Guide Us

ADAPTING to change by constantly keeping track of global and local developments

RESEARCHING new and creative solutions oriented to the synergies in the ecosystem

APPLYING the solutions that will generate surplus value for our stakeholders effectively