25th Year

About us

TTGV  was founded in 1991 as a result of public-private cooperation in order to introduce technology to the real world by providing support for the private sector’s technology and innovation projects in Turkey.

We are an unique organization as the “the non-profit/implementing agency” model in Turkey, which is acknowledged and well-recognized in the European Union as well as in the advanced economic systems in the world

Among seven foundations established in Turkey by law, TTGV is the only one which is providing services in the field of technology and innovation.

Since we aim at diversifying and extending the scale of our activities by using revenues that we derive from our services and by generating new resources, we have a profile that is close to “non- profit business” model.

Our Founders’ Committee has 56 members representing reputable entities in Turkey, including public institutions, private sector institutions, chambers, associations, foundations, and private individuals.

Our Board of Directors consists of 15 members, including 10 members elected from among the members of the Founders’ Committee, representing the private sector, and 5 members appointed by the institutions and organizations defined in our Articles of Foundation.

Our objectives

Creating a flexible, consistent, and dynamic business and trust platform, which provides a network commensurate with different experience and capabilities.

Being an “embedded” extension of a complex ecosystem which will support the vision “Technology-Generating Turkey”.

Enhancing innovation intensity in exports.