TTGV - Your Partner in Tecnological Innovation

Supporting R&D and technological innovation projects of the private sector in Turkey since 1991, TTGV is a successful example that Turkey introduced in Europe; an innovative and dynamic intermediary mentioned in EU Lisbon Communique as an organization required to reach public R&D support to private sector.

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R&D Project Supports

These supports include consecutive and integrated mechanisms that will enable enterprises to make the best of their technological development potential so that the developed technologies serve Turkish Enterprises to achieve a competitive position in the global market.

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Supporting environmental projects of the industry!

In accordance with the mission, TTGV while supporting technological innovation activities in the country is also active in the field of environment with ecological system protection and sustainability perspectives.

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Entrepreneurship Supports

Since 2001, TTGV became one of the most important institutional investors in the Venture Capital sector in Turkey and pioneered the development of a capital base, aiming to invest in the medium-sized enterprises.

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Other Activities

With its activities at both national and international level, TTGV keeps on adding value in Turkey and abroad.

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XI. Technology Awards has reached 150 final application. Applications are mainly ICT and mschine sectors.

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